“If you’re a fast-growing company wanting to capitalize on acquisition, working with Jake’s team is a no-brainer.”

Joe Topinka, CIO


Help SnapAV deliver seamless technology integration for each new company acquisition. Eliminate costly surprises and downtime inefficiencies. Create a plug-and-play technology solution for all future acquisitions.


A standard acquisition operating model with a consistent technology stack deployed in every new location. Clear protocols, simplified procedures, smooth integrations, higher company profits.

ROI achieved in under a year
Elimination of surprise costs
Reduced overall spending by $100,000
25% faster acquisition integrations
Discover how SnapAV’s systemized technology strategy increases acquisition profit, eliminates costly surprises, and streamlines integration.

The Situation

SnapAV is a manufacturer, distributor, and installer of home and business equipment, including audio/visual, network, and IoT technologies. They are the largest company in their space, with rapid growth in annual revenue and 10 acquisitions to date.

As the company began growing quickly through acquisition, it was clear to CIO Joe Topinka that there was an emerging challenge to address. The geographical footprint was rapidly expanding, but the network footprint hadn’t changed in years. This not only created expensive obstacles in getting each new location up and running, but caused ongoing slowdowns in day-to-day operations across offices.

Joe wanted to design a new network that would future-proof the organization, streamline daily processes, and easily connect every new acquisition into SnapAV’s technology ecosystem. He wanted integration to follow a predictable, reliable, and profitable standard model.

The Solution

Jake and his team created a simplified framework and a consistent set of technology protocols for SnapAV to use with every acquisition. This makes it straightforward and worry-free to assess the technology of each new company, deploy the same stack with the same set of protocols, deliver a consistent experience, and keep the transition smooth and on-budget.

The Success

With their new standard operating model, network design, and acquisition framework, SnapAV is able to integrate new companies 25% faster and eliminate surprise integration costs.

“Jake’s team is integral to our fast growth and our position as industry leaders. They’ve smoothed things out for the whole company, from senior leadership to every new employee gained through acquisition. The framework and the environment they created for us make a huge difference to our peace of mind, our employee and customer experience, and our bottom line,” says Joe.

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