The Acquisition Lifeguards have fundamentally changed the way fast-growing companies approach their M&A strategy. Our unique process eliminates technology surprises, prevents time and cost blowout, ensures seamless integration, maximizes staff productivity, and boosts profit.

Our Story

In 2000, founder and Chief Acquisition Lifeguard Jake Kent recognized that the joint challenges of ever-changing technologies and assimilation requirements were becoming a serious problem for acquisition-focused organizations.

Back then, Jake ran an IT Services Management firm with a growing list of executive clients experiencing technology bombshells during and after acquisition. They all seemed to face the same difficulties – initially coming to him for help with budget-killing technology surprises, rollout roadblocks, and seemingly impossible integrations.

On top of that, the breakneck pace of technology made it challenging to plan for continued growth. Jake’s clients worried that each future acquisition would be doomed to unpredictable expenses, security issues, and blown timelines.

With a background in both business and technology, Jake knew that these CEOs needed to stop viewing technology as a post-acquisition headache that could halt their growth plans and threaten their organization’s success. This reactive approach was not only costing them time, money, and opportunity – it also meant they were missing the chance to leverage technology for increased competitive edge.

Jake made it his mission to help CEOs view technology as a core feature of successful acquisition strategies. Identifying and resolving issues upfront, ensuring the infrastructure is prepared for hyper-growth, eliminating costly threats to timeline and budget, and creating a systemized process for evaluating and integrating each future acquisition – these are the crucial elements of a technology-fueled M&A plan that brings seamless assimilation, increased competitive edge, and maximum ROI.

Two decades later, the need for strategic, purposeful technology planning is greater than ever. Jake and his team share a focused goal: Empowering organizations to embrace a technology-fueled strategy for exponential growth, whether it’s their first acquisition or their tenth.